about me

flea / 2001 / infp / uk

i'm a nerd that likes to draw shiny, glowy, sparkly things!my art is always heavily inspired by whatever my brain has decided to hyper-fixate on that week, but my default is to just draw loads of elves.my current fixation is ghostbusters 👻

art stuff

  • medium: mostly digital, but i love playing with brushmarkers!

  • software: firealpaca, sometimes paint.net for effects and graphics

  • tablet: huion inspiroy h640p

commission info

drop me a message on instagram (@feyrielz) or discord (feyriel#2829) if you have any enquiries! :)

  • i take payment through paypal or ko-fi, as a half-deposit or upfront.

  • all transactions are done in £gbp or will be converted from your local currency.

  • i will show you the sketch and give occasional updates.

  • if you wish to make any major changes, please do so when i show you the sketch. small details and colour changes can be requested any time before shading.

  • provide references and a description detailing exactly what you want. please communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings!

  • my art is not to be used for anything relating to nfts or ai services.

  • please allow me a week or two to complete your commission!

base prices

these are just vague guidelines; once you've described what you want, i can give you a more accurate quote. prices will go up or down depending on the complexity of your request!

sizeflat colourfully shaded

will not draw

  • explicit nsfw

  • excessive gore (minor injuries, blood, etc. are fine)

  • large animals or furries (animal characteristics are fine)

  • styles outside of my own

please ask if you're unsure about something, and check my social media to see examples of what i can/will do! i may turn down commissions if i am too busy or if i feel like i do not have the ability to create what you want.

trade/request info

  • trades are only open to mutuals and friends!

  • similar terms as my commissions apply.

  • as they are not a super high priority, i will only accept trades if i am genuinely interested in the subject.

  • i am only willing to trade if we are both going to be putting in the same amount of work and effort to make it fair!

  • please allow for a longer wait time as i need to fit trades in between other pieces.

  • requests are generally unwelcome unless i have asked for them or we are close!